Stylish Frames

  • Style: Optika offers frames to suit every personality.
  • Vintage: from the 20s to the 80s we have an exquisite collection!
  • Top Brands: from Alek Paul to Ziggy, we have your brand.

Need Accessories?

  • Lens Cleaners: We carry an assortment of lens cleaners to maintain your lenses.
  • Cases: Your eyewear is an investment, protect it like one!
  • LaLoop: You'll never lose your eyewear again with these attractive leashes.

The Perfect Lenses

  • Lenses: We have the lenses to fit your frames and your eyes.
  • Transitions: The perfect choice for indoors and out.
  • Polarized: Too much glare? Get back in comfort with these lenses.

Welcome to Optika Eclectic Eyeware now Online!



Welcome to the new Optika website!  We are finally online and ready to get you set up with some smokin' hot eyewear. Take a look around our website, check out the brands we carry, and maybe view one of the blog posts about the new products we have arriving daily.  

Last but not least, give us a call or stop by our shop.  Furnace the shop dog is eagerly awaiting your arrival as you can see.



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We have select models from many of the top brands available today, along with a wide selection of unique frames, from vintage frames circa the 20s to the 80s.

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In need of some accessories to maintain your eyewear investment or simply to spice up your look? Stop by & have a peek, we might just have the variety you're looking for.

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Optika works with a variety of lens companies to ensure that you get the type of lenses that you not only want but need as well. We handle Transitions and polarized lenses.

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